Terms and
Conditions of Use

LIGHT BLUE S.A., with head office at Withfield Tower, Third Floor, 4792 Coney Drive, Belize City, Belize, (known in the business as INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE) has an online platform (referred to as the “PLATFORM”) for storage, acquisition, and transfer transactions of “Cryptocurrency” digital assets, provided through the WEBSITE hosted under the domain http://www.INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.com.br (referred to as the “WEBSITE"), and the USER, enter into these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE AND SERVICES (referred to as the “T&C”), which defines the conditions under which the USER may access and use the features of the system owned by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.

The PRIVACY POLICY, and the FEES AND TARIFFS LIST form an integral and inseparable part of this instrument, and are made available in the “TERMS AND LICENCES” menu, herein referred to as “ANNEXES”.


1.1. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE DOES NOT BUY OR SELL CRYPTOCURRENCY. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE only provides a Platform through the Internet to promote and to bring USERS interested in exchanging Cryptocurrency close together. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE shall not be liable for the transactions carried out by the USERS, nor for their decisions or any consequence arising therefrom, even if they were taken based on the information obtained in the Platform.

1.2. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE IS NOT A FINANCIAL INSTITUTION, AND ACTS UNDER THESE “T&Cs”, IN ACCORDANCE WITH CLAUSE 1.1, ONLY AS AN INTERMEDIATE AGENT. The ownership of a Cryptocurrency is not a guarantee of conversion into the official currency, since its conversion depends on the interest of other Platform users to convert the credit rights relating to a certain Cryptocurrency into Smart Contracts “COUPONS”, which consequently may be repurchased by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE and converted into currency to be transferred to the bank account held by the USER. For exchanging CRYPTOCURRENCY and/or other DIGITAL ASSETS between the USERS, which is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the USERS, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE provides payment solutions carried out by third parties, such as financial institutions and acquirers (for credit card transactions), and these transactions are the exclusive responsibility of these companies.


1. For the purposes of this instrument, the words and expressions below have the following definitions, and may be used in their singular or plural form: VIRTUAL WALLET: virtual coded address, unique and virtual in nature, where the different CRYPTOCURRENCY owned by the USER are stored.

SMART CONTRACTS “COUPONS” are digital receipts that prove the entry of the FIAT currency used in the USERS’ tax address of the PLATFORM that will be provided in bank accounts held by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, through which INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE stores the USERS’ money who deposit cash amounts and intend to purchase CRYPTOCURRENCY announced by other USERS on the PLATFORM.

CRYPTOCURRENCY: encrypted digital assets, object to exchange transactions on the PLATFORM.

EXCHANGE ORDER (ACQUISITION): offer made by the USER on the PLATFORM in response to an EXCHANGE ORDER (TRANSFER) of his/her interest.

EXCHANGE ORDER (TRANSFER): offer made by the USER on the PLATFORM, with the details and conditions to transfer his/her CRYPTOCURRENCY for others digital assets.

CRYPTOCURRENCY LEASE or LEASING CONTRACT: leasing contract of CRYPTOCURRENCY that is available in this type of service, where the USER intends to lease his/her virtual assets to INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE for a specific deadline and upon payment of a monthly rent to be made in the same CRYPTOCURRENCY that was leased.

SERVICES: services provided by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE on the online platform for storage and exchange transactions of CRYPTOCURRENCY. WEBSITE: website owned by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, whose domain is http://www.INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.com.br or http://www.............


2.1. The use of the SERVICES implies the highest understanding, acceptance and automatic binding of the USER to the “T&Cs”. By using any of the offered SERVICES, the USER agrees to follow any and all guidelines provided for in these “T&Cs” and its ANNEXES, and to agree with the legal principles.

2.2. By expressing “Accepted”, the USER hereby expressly declares having read, understood and comprehended all the rights and obligations determined in the “T&C”, and also agrees and is subject to all the provisions of this instrument and its ANNEXES.

2.3. Using the PLATFORM and the SERVICES, even if partially or as a trial, means that the USER agrees with these “T&Cs” and its ANNEXES.

2.4. These “T&Cs” may be subject to periodic changes, either for legal or strategic reasons of INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE. The USER hereby agrees and acknowledges that he/she is the sole responsible for periodically checking these “T&Cs”. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may, at its sole discretion, inform the USER about significant changes in the “T&Cs”, by means of a banner on the WEBSITE and/or notice sent to its USERS.

2.5. If the USER has any objection to any items, guidelines or changes of these “T&Cs”, or if he/she is not satisfied with the SERVICES offered by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, for any reason whatsoever, the USER may terminate the use, subject to the provisions of these “T&Cs”.

2.6. For using the SERVICES, USERS must carry out a previous registration and must be responsible for the supplied data’s accurateness and updating on his/her registration.

2.6.1. All the information provided therein already determine the possibility of PLATFORM misuse, imposing limitations on activities. (NON-VERIFIED ACCOUNT)

2.6.2. The supplied information and the duly delivered and confirmed documentation requested by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE determines the analysis held by the company’s Compliance, who will inform, within a period not exceeding 5 (five) business days, about the PLATFORM’s full release to the USER, or request new required information for the release. (VERIFIED ACCOUNT)


3.1. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, owner of the software rights object of these “T&Cs”, herein and in the best form of law, grants the USER a use licence, non-exclusive and non-transferable, available via the internet - on the online platform, whose complete licence can be checked at http://www.INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.com.br/termos.html.

3.2. The USER hereby declares to be fully responsible for the information included in the PLATFORM, for his/her registration, authorisations, passwords and use mode. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, under any circumstances, will be held responsible for the content (information, passwords, copies of information etc.) offered by the USER, and therefore, such information is not disclosed at any moment. The USER is always responsible for the information.

3.3. The PLATFORM provided by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE to the USER will be kept in an internet server approved by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, determining very high levels of security required to keep and store the required information to confirm the reliability of the intended activity. 3.4. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE reserves the right to update the PLATFORM whenever it sees fit, as well as market it, update it, or even discontinue it at any time.

3.4.1. In case the PLATFORM becomes phased-out, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE will ensure the operability for up to 90 (ninety) days after the phase-out notice date.


4.1. The use of any of the SERVICES requires previous registration, in which the USER must provide a valid email and create a login and password. Such email may only be used once for registration, and the USER may not have more than one registration per email or valid document.

4.2. For the deposit or withdrawal SERVICES of FIAT CURRENCY amounts of the USER’s Country, the USER must validate his/her account using his/her valid identification document duly accepted in the Country of his/her tax address, a photo document image and proof of residence of the last 3 (three) months.

4.2.1. After duly verified, the USER may purchase, through a bank document and or another form of payment, the “COUPONS”, which is the only digital document allowed in the PLATFORM for the conversion of CRYPTOCURRENCY into FIAT CURRENCY.

4.3. The registration of legal entities as USERS must be made by a legal representative duly authorised to do so, and initially conducted on the PLATFORM (NON-VERIFIED ACCOUNT) and later via chat where they will receive the required information for the validation of their availability to fully use the PLATFORM services.

4.4. The registration of individuals under the age of 18 (eighteen) is not allowed, although the registration (NON-VERIFIED ACCOUNT) in the name of the minor is possible, by providing a valid document number and a valid document of their Legal Guardian, who will assume the responsibility for the acts, contracted services, withdrawals and every act practiced by the person registered under 18 years of age. 4.4.1. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE will also forward to those responsible for the individual under the age of 18 (eighteen), the Consent Form, which must be signed by their legal representative, certified and sent to INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.

4.5. By completing the registration form, the USER enters INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE database, authorising INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE to access the provided data.

4.6. If irregularities are detected while filling out the registration, omitted information, or wrong data, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may suspend the USER's access to the registration area until the situation is resolved, not being responsible for the automatic saving of the accumulated benefits or for saving the previous registration.

4.7. The registration on the WEBSITE is free, however, the SERVICES will be charged fees, according to the Fees and Tariffs List, which can be checked at http://www.INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.com.br/termos.html..

4.8. Personal, access and activity data of USERS are protected by the Privacy Policy.

4.9. The issuance of an ACQUISITION EXCHANGE or TRANSFER EXCHANGE ORDER requires the registration to be validated by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.

4.9.1. For this validation and consequent fulfilment of internal minimum safety procedures, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE will carry out a verification procedure of the submitted supplied data, and may request the USER to send copies of documents and/or additional documents. The registration validation is made at the discretion of INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, which may oppose to the validation of any registration without justification.

4.10. The USER ensures that all the information provided is valid and accurate and that the given password is personal and non-transferable. Updating the supplied data is also the responsibility of the USER and they are aware that the precision and accuracy of this data is essential to the implementation of the SERVICES.

4.11. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE reserves the right to refuse any registration request and suspend or cancel a registration previously accepted in the event of (i) breach of any of the provisions of these “T&Cs”, (ii) impossibility of verifying the USER’s identity or falsehood in any of the information submitted by him/her, (iii) practice by the USER of deliberate or fraudulent acts, or the adoption of any behaviour that, at the discretion of INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, is incompatible with the goals of the activity or the honesty of its procedures, such as courtesy with other USERS or which may, in any event, cause damage to third parties or to INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE. If the registration of any USER is suspended or cancelled for any of the reasons foreseen in these “T&Cs”, all of his/her non-performed activities related to CRYPTOCURRENCY will be automatically cancelled, determining the immediate need to transfer them to another platform of the USER’s preference within a period not exceeding 48 (forty-eight hours), under penalty of blocking.

4.12. The USER accepts and agrees that any and all activities must be carried out only by the registration holder.

4.13. The “USER name” (login) may not be similar to the name “INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE”. Also, registrations made with USER names (login) considered offensive may be cancelled.

4.14. The USER is aware that it is forbidden to have more than one Registration on the WEBSITE and that, in case of breach, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may cancel or suspend all registrations and EXCHANGE ORDERS not yet made, in accordance with items 4.1; 5.21 and 5.24.

4.15. The USER is the sole and exclusive responsible for keeping his/her login and password safe and secure, thus preventing the unauthorized use of his/her registration. The USER shall immediately notify INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, via the email http://www.INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.com.br/termos.html., in case of suspicion of improper access, or any activity that could give rise to such, so that INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may take the necessary action.


General Operation

5.1. Through the SERVICES provided by the WEBSITE, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE offers the USER a platform for exchanging CRYPTOCURRENCY, whose activities are performed by the USERS themselves, enabling them to negotiate with each other directly, without INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE involvement in the contact, negotiation or implementation of these negotiations, meaning that INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE is a mere mediator of the negotiations.

5.2. After the USER’s registration is completed, several VIRTUAL WALLETS are created, each linked to an Altcoin type that is provided on the PLATFORM, and can be accessed, checked and used by using his/her login and password.

5.2.1. The USER’s VIRTUAL WALLETS are the accounts created automatically for the USER, after the validation of their registration. VIRTUAL WALLETS are an illustrative representation of the money held by “COUPONS” and which can be (i) converted into Fiat Currency by the USER for transfer to a bank account held by him/her; (ii) payment of banking documents; (iii) provided for the acquisition of CRYPTOCURRENCY through an ACQUISITION EXCHANGE ORDER; (vi) topped up using a pre-paid international card).

5.3. Transactions between the USERS are the sole responsibility of the USERS. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE allows, through the PLATFORM, the storage of CRYPTOCURRENCY in VIRTUAL WALLETS, operating as a facilitator in the approach of those who want to exchange their CRYPTOCURRENCY.

5.4. The USER may use the SERVICES to store CRYPTOCURRENCY and issue EXCHANGE ORDERS.

5.5. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may use certain parameters to establish certain limits, such as, but not limited to the amount of CRYPTOCURRENCY transactions and the amounts transferred on the acquisition of Smart Contracts "COUPONS".

5.6. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may, at its sole discretion, increase and decrease the limits initially set forth.

5.7. The USER commits and is solely responsible for not using the SERVICES for the direct or indirect purposes of (i) infringing any law, regulation, these “T&Cs”, or act contrary to morals and good customs; (ii) money laundering; and/or (iii) financing activities and/or organisations that involve terrorism, mafia, and drug, people and/or human organ trafficking, or any other activity considered illegal or immoral.

5.8. As a condition for using the SERVICES, the USER understands and acknowledges that CRYPTOCURRENCY exchange activities are done entirely at his/her expense and risk, and that INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE acts exclusively as guardian of the PLATFORM for the USERS to negotiate among themselves. In any event, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may be considered liable for any loss, harm, damage or lost profits that may eventually be incurred by USERS due to trading activities carried or not through the PLATFORM.

5.9. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE is not an investment consultant nor its SERVICES imply any advice on investments and/or application in CRYPTOCURRENCY, and are made solely by the USER at his/her own expense and risk. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE suggests its USERS to inquire on the operability of CRYPTOCURRENCY, their valuation, oscillation and forms of investments before using the WEBSITE.

CRYPTOCURRENCY Transfer Exchange Order.

5.10. To dispose of CRYPTOCURRENCY through the PLATFORM, the USER must publish a TRANSFER EXCHANGE ORDER on the WEBSITE. For that ORDER to be issued, the USER must have CRYPTOCURRENCY stored in his/her VIRTUAL WALLET.

5.10.1. CRYPTOCURRENCY provided for transfer should be unavailable for movement and will be frozen until negotiated in favour of another USER or if such ORDER is that cancelled by the transferor. 5.11. The amount intended for the CRYPTOCURRENCY transfer is established by the USER without any involvement of INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.

5.12. The USER is aware that the issuance of the TRANSFER EXCHANGE ORDER represents a valid offer for all purposes, and therefore, after being accepted by another USER, the exchange transaction of CRYPTOCURRENCY shall automatically take effect and cannot be undone or modified, and the USER shall be borne before other USERS that come to accept the transaction for any expenses and losses incurred by his/her eventual withdrawal.

5.13. The TRANSFER EXCHANGE ORDER may be partially accepted by another USER, and the remainder may or not continue valid for another USER to accept, at the discretion of the USER issuing the ORDER. 5.14. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE does not detain any responsibilities on the ORDERS issued by USERS, being a mere mediator.

CRYPTOCURRENCY Acquisition Exchange Order.

5.15. To exchange or purchase CRYPTOCURRENCY through the PLATFORM, the USER publishes an ACQUISITION EXCHANGE ORDER on the WEBSITE. For that ORDER to be issued, the USER must have another CRYPTOCURRENCY or "COUPONS" of an amount equivalent to the activity he/she intends to carry out, properly stored in his/her VIRTUAL WALLET.

5.16. The intended amount for acquisition of CRYPTOCURRENCY is established by the USER without any involvement of INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE and should be accepted by the transferor USER in order to make the exchange.

5.17. The USER is aware that the issuance of the EXCHANGE PURCHASE ORDER represents a valid offer for all purposes, after accepted by another USER, the CRYPTOCURRENCY exchange transaction will automatically take effect and cannot be undone or modified, and the USER shall pay other USERS that come to accept the transaction, any expenses and losses incurred by his/her eventual withdrawal. 5.18. The ACQUISITION EXCHANGE ORDER may be partially accepted by another USER, and the remainder may or not continue valid for another USER to accept, at the discretion of the USER issuing the ORDER. CRYPTOCURRENCY storage in the VIRTUAL WALLET

5.19. The USER may store his/her CRYPTOCURRENCY in his/her VIRTUAL WALLETS, either to issue ORDERS, store or lease them.

5.20. The USER may, at any time, notwithstanding the provisions of item 5.12 above, transfer his/her CRYPTOCURRENCY to another CRYPTOCURRENCY WEBSITE, platform, manager, or virtual wallets (e-wallet), provided, however, that they are duly released from any leased or pending ORDERS. 5.20.1 If there are ORDERS pending, it is necessary to cancel their release whose time is immediate. If it is leased, it is necessary to terminate the leasing contract in accordance with the terms of the Leasing Contract, which can be checked at http://www.INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.com.br/termos.html.

Money Storage in the VIRTUAL WALLET

5.21. The USER can purchase “COUPONS” indexed to the FIAT CURRENCY of the Country where the USER has his/her tax address, and may store them in his/her VIRTUAL WALLET designed for this purpose, and the consequent issuance of ORDERS and acquisition of CRYPTOCURRENCY, as well as to return them to his/her bank account. 5.22. The USER declares that he/she will only store Smart Contracts "COUPONS" in his/her VIRTUAL WALLET for the issuance of future ACQUISITION EXCHANGE ORDERS.

5.23. The USER may, at any time, notwithstanding the provisions of item 5.6 above, request to transfer his/her “COUPONS” to his/her bank account, linked to his/her Registration.

5.24. The bank account provided, in addition to being held by the USER, must be in the same country from which the funds to be transferred originated.

5.25. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may, at any time, for any reason and without prior notice, repurchase the Smart Contracts "COUPONS" stored in the USER’s VIRTUAL WALLET, transferring the amount converted into FIAT CURRENCY to the bank account held by him/her and linked to his/her registration.

5.25.1. If the above option occurs, upon returning the amount to the USER’s VIRTUAL WALLET, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may, at its sole discretion, choose to warrant the payment of new Deposit of Withdrawal Fees or repay the USER’s Deposit of Withdrawal Fees already paid at the time of the creation of the VIRTUAL ACCOUNT that accommodates the Smart Contracts "COUPONS".


6.1. The SERVICES will be charged in accordance with the Fees and Tariffs Sheet provided by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE at http://www.INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.com.br/termos.html.

6.2. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE reserves the right to change this List without prior notice to the USER regarding these changes.

6.3. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE will charge the fees directly from the amount credited in the USER’s VIRTUAL WALLETS used in each negotiation.

6.4. The fees payable by the USER to INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE will focus on the following operations:

6.4.1. Acquisition of Smart Contracts "COUPONS" for exchanging CRYPTOCURRENCY. When the USER acquires "COUPONS" with a deposit in the currency of the country where the USER holds his/her tax address, with the purpose of exchanging for CRYPTOCURRENCY through the WEBSITE, a fee is charged on the deposited amount. Thus, the remaining balance available for that USER to purchase CRYPTOCURRENCY will be the amount of his/her deposit, deducted of the fee amount (named “COUPON ACQUISITION FEE”).

6.4.2. Withdrawal of amounts in currency. Both the USER who acquires and the USER who requests the repurchase of Smart Contracts "COUPONS" by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE through the WEBSITE, whereas the USER who acquired the Smart Contracts "COUPONS" does not use them entirely for CRYPTOCURRENCY exchange, will pay a fee for such “COUPONS” to be repurchased and the currency amounts to be delivered to them. Therefore, at the time of withdrawal, the balance will be transferred to the USER in FIAT CURRENCY, deducted of the fee amount (the “COUPON REPURCHASE FEE”).

6.4.3. Execution of the Acquisition Exchange Order. The publication of a CRYPTOCURRENCY ACQUISITION EXCHANGE ORDER on the SITE is free. However, if that ORDER is accepted, in whole or in part, by another USER, the USER who published said order will be charged a fee. Thus, the amount of Digital Assets available for that USER will be the rate value of his/her CRYPTOCURRENCY, deducted of the fee amount foreseen in item (b) (“ACQUISITION EXCHANGE FEE”).

6.4.4. Execution of the Transfer Exchange Order. Publishing a CRYPTOCURRENCY TRANSFER EXCHANGE ORDER on the WEBSITE is free. However, if that ORDER is accepted, in whole or in part, by another USER, the USER who published said order will be charged a fee. Thus, the amount of Digital Assets available for that USER will be the rate value of his/her CRYPTOCURRENCY, deducted of the fee amount foreseen in item (d) (“TRANSFER EXCHANGE FEE”).

6.5. By accepting these “T&Cs”, the USER agrees to pay INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE the fees corresponding to the SERVICES provided, as stipulated in this instrument and in the percentages established in the Fees and Tariffs List, available at http://www.INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.com.br/termos.html. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE reserves the right to modify, increase, reduce or eliminate the fees in force at any time, either on a permanent or transitory basis, during promotional periods. Any changes to our fees will be disclosed on the WEBSITE.


7.1. The provision of technical support service is limited to clarifications regarding the PLATFORM’s operability and its operation, thus presupposing the minimum knowledge, by the USER, of using the computer and/or mobile device and its features, as well as the operating system under which the system will be used. It is also assumed the proper configuration of the computer and/or mobile device for using the acquired PLATFORM and the good working order of the computer/mobile device.

7.2. The technical support limits its customer service to the USER via email, online chat available on the WEBSITE and phone 19 3115 xxxx, by means of information exchange, and INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE shall give an answer in up to 48 (forty-eight) hours from the call made by the USER, with in loco assistance not included in this service.

7.2.1. The technical support will be available on business days, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., in accordance with the calendar and official time of Belize.

7.3. The technical support provided by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE does not include the USER’s internet connection, internal network, and computers/mobile devices.


8.1. The PLATFORM will be continually improved by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, according to its needs and as deemed convenient, and may include the temporary suspension of the services due to the refinement made by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE. All modifications, improvements and corrections carried out in the PLATFORM, even if informed, requested and eventually paid by the USER, are incorporated in the PLATFORM and subject to the terms of these “T&Cs”.

8.2. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE can accept the suggestions for improvement presented by the USER, although the latter is, under no circumstances, given right of ownership on such insertions or improvements. 8.3. The USER will have access to the operating improvements, corrections and/or new resources of the PLATFORM eventually developed/implemented by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE.

8.4. The USER agrees with the modifications, implementation of new resources, tools, improvements or corrections in the PLATFORM he/she uses, and that the management and approval of such modifications in the PLATFORM are at INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE’s discretion. Any updates to the PLATFORM will be automatically implemented by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, and the USER is required to download the new available versions.


9.1. These “T&Cs” are governed by the provisions of Portuguese law, and the offenders will be subject to the penalties of the foreseen crimes, notwithstanding the civil liability for damages eventually caused by the use and distribution of non-authorized copies of the PLATFORM, or by any other breach of property rights, including, but not limited to, the access of non-authorized third parties.


10.1. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE shall not be liable for (i) the results produced by the PLATFORM, in case it is affected by some type of external program, such as those popularly known as viruses, or due to operation failure or data corruption; (ii) any defect arising from the sole fault of the USER; (iii) integration in the PLATFORM of software owned by third parties or the USER; (iv) damages or losses arising from administrative, managerial, or commercial decisions taken based on the information provided by the PLATFORM; (v) problems in the USER’s physical and logical network; (vi) any liability for any eventual losses, damages or lost profits resulting, directly or indirectly, from the supply, use or performance of the PLATFORM; (vii) events defined in civil law as fortuitous event or force majeure; (viii) dangerous and/or inappropriate use of the PLATFORM; and (ix) technical factors that make it impossible to transfer data and/or download information from the PLATFORM contracted by the USER and/or their corresponding versions, if any.

11. TERM

11.1. The deadline for using the PLATFORM will be for an indeterminate period.


12.1. The USER may terminate this instrument at any time, by requesting the cancellation of the registration owned by him/her on the WEBSITE.

12.1.1. The cancellation of the USER registration, and consequently of the VIRTUAL WALLET owned by him/her is only possible if there is no record of funds, that is, “COUPONS” or CRYPTOCURRENCY, and the USER shall carry out the appropriate refunds or transfers, if applicable.

12.2. After the suspension and/or cancellation of the USER’s registration, carried out by him/herself or by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, the USER acknowledges that he/she may no longer have access to and/or retrieve information on the transactions made through the PLATFORM, for which INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE has no duty to store information, neither to forward such information to the USER.

12.3. In case of suspected fraud or any other unlawful activity, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, besides resorting to the legal measures that may apply to the case, at the time of the termination, may withhold any funds stored in the USER's VIRTUAL WALLETS until the investigations are concluded.

Causes for Termination, Suspension and/or Immediate Cancellation

12.4. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE reserves the right to immediately and indefinitely suspend and/or cancel USER registrations, at any time and without notice, in case of suspicions of, but not limited to:
a) providing false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information;
b) not providing information and/or additional documents, whether or not for the Registration validation;
c) act with actual malice;
d) breach of any of the terms of these “T&Cs”;
e) using the SERVICES in disagreement with the law or any related regulation;
f) being involved in fraudulent or illegal conduct;
g) attempt of double-spending, that is, using the same Virtual Asset in two transactions.

12.5. Even in case of termination, all fees paid and charges made before closing [the account] are not refundable.

Inactive Accounts
12.6. This Contract may also be terminated by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE once the account is proven inactive for more than 180 (one hundred and eighty) days, notwithstanding the provisions of items 7.1 and 7.2.

Rights and Duties after Suspension and/or Cancellation
12.7. The termination of these “T&Cs” shall not affect any rights and obligations accumulated prior to the termination or expiration of these “TAC” and/or the provision of the SERVICES. The obligations of the parties undertaken by these “T&Cs” shall remain after its termination and continue in full force and effect until they are remedied, including, but not limited to those arising from CRYPTOCURRENCY transactions and issuance of ORDERS.

12.8. In case of suspension and/or cancellation of Registration, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, notwithstanding the provisions of item 7.3 above, may transfer all and any fund in the VIRTUAL WALLETS to the bank account linked to the USER registration, owned by them. That bank account, while valid and owned by the USER, must be in the same country that originated the funds to be transferred.

12.9. CRYPTOCURRENCY may only be transferred to a bank account after being exchanged for Smart Contracts "COUPONS". In case of suspension and/or cancellation of the registration by any of the parties, the USER shall have a period of 60 (sixty) days to refer another CRYPTOCURRENCY WEBSITE, platform, manager, and/or e-wallet for the transfer. If the USER fails to inform of the new and valid details for such, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may make the exchange for “COUPONS” based on the rate of the day informed on the WEBSITE, repurchase it, and subsequently transfer the value to the bank account linked in the registration.

12.10. The forms of interruption, suspension and deactivation of the SERVICES, do not exempt the USERS, at any time, from the complete performance of these “T&Cs”, including, but not limited to, the LIABILITY and TERMINATION clauses, which will remain valid after the relationship between the USER and INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE terminates.


13.1. The inability or mere liberality of not fulfilling any of the provisions of these “T&Cs” does not constitute a waiver of rights, and their complete performance may be required at any time.

13.2. If any provision of these “T&Cs” is found to be unenforceable, invalid or void, such provision shall be invalidated separately and shall not affect the remainder of the provisions of these “T&Cs”.

13.3. These “T&Cs” and the relationship between the Parties shall be governed by Portuguese law. The Parties hereby choose the District Court of Porto as the only competent jurisdiction to settle any disputes and/or demands that may involve the Parties regarding the SERVICES.

13.4. The tolerance of a Party towards the other regarding the breach of any of the obligations under these “T&Cs” shall not result in the novation or waiver of rights. The tolerant Party may, at any time, demand from the other Party the full compliance with these “T&Cs”.

13.5. These “T&Cs” bind the Parties and their successors in any capacity.

13.6. The impracticality of enforcement or nullity, even if by virtue of ruling, of any clause, shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses of these “T&Cs”, which shall remain valid and enforceable according to their terms.

13.7. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE reserves the right to modify these “T&Cs” at any time, reporting such changes to the USER, upon their acceptance of the new provisions.

The last change to these Terms and Conditions of Use was published on 16 April 2018.


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