The guidelines that steer our practices under the principles of social responsibility, making them part of our management model, are gathered in the Social Responsibility Policy of the Company LIGHT BLUE S.A., with head office at Withfield Tower, Third Floor, 4792 Coney Drive, Belize City, Belize, (known in the business as INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE).

Among other guidelines, the document is based on the potential private social investment in projects, actions and social programmes, and establishes the ethical and transparent dialogue with stakeholders, bearing in mind their expectations and needs, and the social, cultural, economic, environmental and political contexts, always committed to sustainable development.

The policy is based on guiding documents such as the Global Compact of the United Nations (UN), the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), treaties and conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the guidelines set forth by Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for multinational companies, and the international standard ISO 26000.

Company values
• Focus on results
• Ethics and transparency
• Appreciation and people commitment
• Entrepreneurship and innovation
• Sustainability


Guide INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE’s practices by the principles of social responsibility, making them part of the Company’s management model.


Stakeholders - relevant public with interests pertaining to the company, or individuals or entities to assume some sort of risk, either direct or indirect, before society.

Social responsibility - conduct business and activities in a way committed to sustainable development, participating and promoting ethical and transparent dialogue with stakeholders, considering their expectations, needs and social, cultural, economic, political and environmental contexts.

Sustainability - promote development to meet the needs of the existing generation, without affecting the needs of future generations.

Living territories - locations where the companies’ premises are settled, or where projects are developed aimed at improving the quality of life of the population.

Corporate governance - the system by which organisations are directed, monitored and encouraged, involving the practices and relationships between owners, board of directors, management, and supervisory bodies. Good corporate governance practices convert principles of Transparency, Fairness, Accountability, and Corporate Responsibility in objective recommendations, aligning interests with the aim of preserving and optimising the value of the organisation.


3.1. General Guidelines:

INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE must incorporate the principles of social responsibility in its management practices.

INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE must act in line with public policies – such as those related to globalising access to its services, social inclusion, and other social responsibility aspects – and national and international commitments in which the Company is a signatory, and good corporate governance practices.

Business must be conducted with ethics and transparency, in such a way committed to sustainable development.

INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE must build a qualified relationship with stakeholders, promoting an ethical and transparent dialogue, and considering their needs, expectations, and social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental contexts.

The social and cultural diversities and individual differences must be valued and respected. All forms of discrimination must be opposed, offering all people equal treatment, regardless of social condition, ethnicity, or those relating to gender, age, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, physical, psychic and mental condition.

INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE must contribute to reduce social inequality.

The Company’s business areas must follow the guidelines of this policy, in its decisions and actions, with special focus on the aspects relating to its specific field of operation.

3.2. Specific Guidelines:

Acknowledging relevant issues to social responsibility, the Company INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE shall set forth specific guidelines, which include topics regarding human rights, labour practices, environment, fair operational practices, customer relationship, community engagement and development, and ethical and transparent behaviour, always admitting an integral and interdependent vision between them.

Human rights must be promoted and respected, not infringing them or becoming an accomplice to actions that affect them.

Current or potential impacts on human rights resulting from the company’s activities or the activities of those with whom it relates should be identified, prevented, corrected and addressed.

Decent work must be protected, ensuring freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, as well as the promotion of occupational health and safety, accessibility, equal opportunities, gender and race equality, respecting and valuing diversity in all relationships.

Child and teenager sexual exploitation, slave labour, any moral and sexual harassment, any form of discrimination, intimidation and embarrassment must be opposed.

INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE must promote, among its business partners and other stakeholders, the adoption of social responsibility standards compatible with those undertaken in this policy.

INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE must bring awareness to their clients as to the safe, efficient, and responsible use of Digital Assets, contemplating these aspects across the Company's programmes and actions.

INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE must proactively identify current or potential business impacts, contributing to the sustainable development of communities, and optimising those located in the living territories of its undertakings and activities.

INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE must ensure an ongoing dialogue with communities, respecting their values and interests, with the aim of improving the quality of life in their social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects.


The Board of Directors of INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE Company - approve this policy and ensure its implementation.

The Board of Directors of INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE Company - must ensure the implementation of this policy in its departments and divisions.

With the creation of INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE’s Social Responsibility area - act as implementation and promotion manager of this policy in INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE and in eventual participating companies.

With the creation of INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE’s Social Responsibility area - manage and promote the implementation, dissemination, monitoring and assessment of this policy in their company.

INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE’s Standing Committee for Social Responsibility - streamline communication between companies and the effective implementation of this policy.


This policy can be expanded into other specific normative documents, always in line with the principles and guidelines established herein.

This policy was approved by minutes of the Management Board Meeting of 16 April 2018.

The Board / management


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