LIGHT BLUE S.A., with head office at Withfield Tower, Third Floor, 4792 Coney Drive, Belize City, Belize,, (KNOWN IN THE BUSINESS AS: INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE), regarding the collection, use, protection and disclosure of information received from the USERS accessing and using the SERVICES as set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Use, to which the user has expressed their acceptance (“T&Cs").

The concepts and expressions used in this Privacy Policy are the same as the T&Cs.


1.1. By expressing "Acceptance" in the T&Cs, attached to this Privacy Policy as an Annex, the USER hereby expressly declares that he/she has read, understood and comprehended all of the rights and duties set forth in this privacy policy, and moreover agrees and is subject to all the provisions of this instrument. Using the SERVICES, even if partially or on a trial basis, means that the USER agrees with this Privacy Policy.

1.2. This Privacy Policy covers the processing of data by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE regarding information capable of identifying USERS, as well as their data when they are registered on the Company’s PLATFORM, or such data that eventually may be recorded in the company’s electronic database due to services provided by THIRD PARTIES.

1.3. This Privacy Policy is subject to ongoing improvements and enhancements. We therefore recommend that you read it regularly.


2.1. Each Party shall handle as strictly confidential the information brought to its knowledge by the other Party, and shall only use such information within the scope of the services hereby agreed upon.

2.2. "Confidential Information" shall be understood as all information exclusive to one Party (“Disclosing Party") and disclosed to the other Party ("Receiving Party"), either verbally or in writing, which is stipulated as confidential or which through common sense should be considered confidential in view of the nature of the information, especially regarding information provided by the USER at the time of registration, such as: name, age, valid document with photo, email etc., which are to be used for the purposes of this Privacy Policy.

2.3. Each Party agrees to protect the privacy of the other Party’s Confidential Information, in the same manner as it acts to protect the equivalent privacy of its own exclusive and confidential information.

2.4. If substantial changes to the manner in which the personal information collected is to be used are needed, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE shall report the new privacy conditions on their PLATFORM, notwithstanding publishing:

a. To the general public – by means of a prominent announcement on our main page;

b. To registered USERS – by means of electronic communication.

2.5. For purposes of this privacy policy, the following considerations shall be observed:

INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE collects personal information, capable of identifying USERS, when they:

c. Register on the website;

d. Contact the USER service channels.

2.6. For each category of data collection, different information may be requested, in accordance with the collection’s purpose. Therefore, USERS shall always be informed about the data that is being collected, with the provision of such data remaining at their sole discretion, and, in each case, shall be advised of the consequences of their decision.

2.7. All information collected from USERS securely circulates over the internet, by means of an encryption process. 2.8. The USER guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the personal data that they provide on the PLATFORM, and assumes the corresponding liability should such data be inaccurate or untrue. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the USER to update his or her personal and registration data, for the due system maintenance purposes.

2.9. Information shall be used for the purpose of (i) offering the best possible SERVICES to the USERS and analysing potential new SERVICES of interest; (ii) improving SERVICE quality, whether through market research, or meeting USERS’ requests; (iii) protecting the USERS and third parties’ interests; (iv) enabling the validation of USER registration on the PLATFORM and creating and accessing to their Virtual Wallet; (v) effecting Cryptocurrencies Transactions, as well as issuing Purchase Orders; transfer and/or purchase and sale of Smart Contracts “COUPONS”, (vi) registering before financial institutions and/or arranging payments that will enable the issuance of electronic currency cards and monetisation of “COUPONS”, whose uses shall be the following:

2.9.1. Internal use

The main goal of INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE when collecting personal information from USERS is to provide them with a safe, easy, efficient and personalised experience. By accepting the T&Cs and consequently this Privacy Policy, the USER agrees that INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may use the information collected in order to (a) provide the SERVICES and support requested by the user; (b) resolve disputes and solve problems; (c) avoid activities that are potentially prohibited, illegal or in any way in conflict with current legislation; (d) apply the T&Cs; (e) personalise, measure and improve the SERVICES; and (f) perform a marketing campaign focused on the user’s preferences and expectations, in addition to service updates and promotional offers.

2.9.2. Marketing

Information collected from USERS may be combined with information collected from other companies in order to improve and personalise the SERVICE, its content and advertising.

2.9.3. Statistics

INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE reserves the right to share collected statistical data with partner companies. However, please note that this information does not contain personal information that identifies the USER.

2.9.4. Contact between INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE and USER

Communications between INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE and its USERS are generally executed via email, from the validation of Registration, to information regarding important changes to the SERVICES. This information is generally informative and non-promotional in nature, and in most cases USERS cannot opt out of receiving these communications.

The USERS’ email address and telephone number may also be used to send other types of communication, including INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE newsletters, tips from partners, surveys and special announcements of third-party promotions. The USER may choose to receive some, all or none of these communications, at any time, by sending an email to atendimento@INEXX CLUB

2.10. Access to collected information is restricted to employees and persons authorised for this purpose. Employees or authorised persons who misuse information, violating this privacy policy, will be subject to the penalties set forth in our disciplinary procedure, notwithstanding other applicable legal measures.

2.11. The data and information of the USER and his or her activities may also be shared with other companies in the event of corporate restructuring and in order to comply with legal requests, requests from regulatory agencies and/or government bodies, and to inform investigative proceedings of a national or internationally-cooperative nature.

2.12. Collected information may be of a distinct nature, with different peculiarities and processing types, as described below:

2.12.1. Required Information For using the SERVICES, validating his/her Registration and creating his/her Virtual Wallet, the USER will have to provide personal information such as: full name, date of birth, national registration number and/or valid document with photo, banking data, among other information that may be necessary. This information is required in order to use the SERVICES, as well as to enable contact between INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE and the USER whenever necessary.

2.12.2. Traffic and Other Information Other information may also be collected and may include, but is not limited to, location of the USER’s computer or portable device, access IP and/or machine IP, operating system, browser, among others.

2.12.3. Transaction Information Whenever the USER carries out a Cryptocurrency Transaction, Orders issue, purchase or transfer of Smart Contracts "COUPONS", through the PLATFORM, INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE will collect and store related information. This information is necessary to enable collection, transmission and processing operations of these activities.


3.1. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE is committed to handling the information of USERS and their activities through the PLATFORM with high security standards. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE uses security features such as firewalls and data encryption and only authorises access to USERS’ personal information for employees who need such information in order to fulfil their professional duties.

3.2. The USER is aware that it is not possible to guarantee the security and confidentiality of information transmitted over the Internet, however INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE is committed to using the best market standards to protect the data of its USERS.

3.3. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE’s Website may contain links to third-party websites. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE is not responsible for the security of the USER’s information when the latter accesses third-party websites. Such websites may have their own privacy policies with respect to the storage and protection of personal information, to which INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE is completely unware and has no responsibility over. Therefore, we recommend that, when redirected to the external website, USERS always consult the respective privacy policies before providing their data or information.


4.1. The USER may review their personal information and make changes to inconsistent and/or out-of-date information as may be necessary. The USER may also request deletion of his or her data – when terminating the relationship between the parties – via the email atendimento@INEXX CLUB Data deletion will be handled by INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE within legal limits and obligations.


5.1. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE may, at any time, and regardless of any notice or notification to the USER, transfer the rights arising from this Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, to other companies in the event of any corporate reorganisation of INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, such as a merger, acquisition or joint venture subject to compliance with current legislation, regulations and standards applicable to this Privacy Policy.

5.2. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE reserves the right to retain information for such period as it deems necessary for the satisfactory performance of its business and compliance with the regulations in force, even after closing the USER's account.

5.3. The tolerance of a Party towards the other regarding the breach of any of the obligations under this privacy policy shall not result in the novation or waiver of rights. The tolerant Party may, at any time, demand from the other Party the full and faithful compliance with this privacy policy.

5.4. This privacy policy binds the Parties and their successors in any capacity.

5.5. The impracticality of enforcement or nullity, even if by virtue of ruling, of any clause, shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses of this privacy policy, which shall remain valid and enforceable according to their terms.

5.6. INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, such changes being communicated to the USER, upon his/her acceptance of the new provisions.

5.7. The Parties hereby choose the district court of BELIZE CITY, BELIZE, to settle any controversy arising from this Privacy Policy, expressly renouncing any other, however favourable it may be.

The last change to these Terms and Conditions of Use was published on 17 of May of 2018.


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